Dr. ShoughDear Parents and Families,
We hope you are enjoying your summer. We want to provide you with current information on the start of school. This past week, Governor Doug Ducey ordered that because of the COVID-19 virus, Arizona schools cannot begin in-person instruction until at least August 17, 2020. Further, he said that both he and State Education Superintendent Kathy Hoffman would continue to re-evaluate this date as it draws closer. However, his executive order does allow school districts to begin distance, or remote learning, at an earlier date. 

Learning is always our top priority in the Liberty Elementary School District, second only to the safety of your family and children. Additionally, we also know that the longer we delay teaching and learning for our students, the wider the gap in learning will become. 

For this and other important reasons, the Liberty Elementary Governing Board has voted that the first day of school will begin Wednesday, August 5th, 2020, maintaining our previously-approved school calendar.

There were other important factors considered before making this critical decision, including the fact that the Governor’s proposed start date of August 17th is aspirational, and provides no certainty that our children will be able to return to in-person learning on that date. Additionally, a later school start will cause severe hardship for some district employees because their paychecks and the start of their insurance benefits would be postponed with a delayed start. 

Many of you have already selected one of three options for learning for your child in School Year 2020-2021. If you have already responded, a big “thank you!” No other response is required at this time. 

  • For parents who selected Option 1 In-Person, their children will begin school with distance learning with their assigned In-Person teacher providing instruction until August 17th or when In-Person learning is allowed. 
  • For parents who selected Option 2 Distance Learning or Option 3 Online School options, their children will begin with their selected school option. 

: Because we have offered three (3) different ways for your child to attend school, it is important that you respond to our request to complete a form for each of your children, indicating which option you prefer for the start of the year. If you still need to indicate your choice for your child, please click here to select your school and complete the form as soon as possible. 

Principals will begin assigning staff and students to classes the third week in July. Once you have filled out the form, there is nothing else to do at this time. We will send a confirmation and additional information by July 24th.

You can expect to see first-hand our district values of excellence, innovation, equity, collaboration, grit, and integrity as we demonstrate with our actions our continued commitment to the health of students and staff, as well as our commitment to an exemplary education for your child. Please check our website regularly for updated information in the coming weeks as we work to reinvent the start of school. Thank you for your continued support.


Lori Shough, Ed.D.