Future Planning


The Liberty Elementary School District is growing. Within the next five years, we are expected to outgrow our facilities at Liberty Elementary School. At a Special Governing Board Meeting held on March 21, 2019, the Board approved Boundary Option 1 to address the growth.  This boundary change will go into effect the 2019-2020 school year.  

Approved Boundary Map for the Northern Part of the District.

Guiding Principles for Boundary Decisions:

  • Move newer and growing communities before long established communities at a school
  • Keep neighborhoods within the same high school boundaries
  • Keep neighborhood communities together
  • Minimize length of time on the bus or travel time to school
  • Avoid moving students more than one time with boundary changes
  • Maintain community school sizes
  • Impact the least amount of families

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Commitee Work

April/May - Staff/Community Presentations
April 16, 2019 - Meeting Summary
April 8, 2019 - Governing Board Meeting
April 2, 2019 Meeting Summary
March 26, 2019  Meeting Summary
March 21, 2019  - Governing Board Meeting
March 19, 2019  - Parent Advisory Meeting - District Boundary Scenarios & Growth
March 5, 2019  Meeting Summary
February 26, 2019  Meeting Summary
February 12, 2019  Meeting Summary
December 4, 2018  Meeting Summary