COVID-19 Response

COVID Data Dashboard


The COVID-19 Data Dashboard provides a transparent summary of both active positive test COVID-19 cases and exposure to COVID-19 cases, both resulting in exclusion from school activities until the isolation/quarantine period and guidelines have been met. Once an individual has completed the isolation period and is no longer symptomatic, he/she is no longer considered an active case and is removed from the dashboard data. 

COVID-19 Communication

Since we began in-person learning, we have followed a transparent communication practice. After Maricopa County Department of Public Health investigates and confirms a positive case, the school gathers additional information, identifies any potential close contacts, and prepares communication for staff and the community. Communication is published to the following groups for each positive COVID case. Click here to view active COVID cases in the district by school.
  1.  Anyone who is identified as a "close contact" is sent a notification that they may have been within six feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period or had physical contact with a person with COVID-19. Because elementary school-age children continually move within the classroom, Liberty Elementary School District takes a conservative approach to exposure by quarantining all students in the class, not just those students who sit within six feet. If anyone is required to quarantine as a result of being in close contact, their notification will include a return date. A negative COVID-19 test will not allow an individual to return earlier than specified.
  2.  All parents in the school are sent a notification that there is a new positive COVID case in the school.
  3. All staff in the school are sent a notification that there is a new positive COVID case in the school. 

What happens if a teacher or student is exposed?

  1.  If an individual student is quarantined and the teacher and class continue in person, the student will be provided with independent learning assigned by the teacher. Depending on the content and activities, the teacher may arrange for the student to participate synchronously with the in-person class for one or more activities.
  2. If students in the class are exposed to a positive case within the class, then the class will be quarantined.  All students in the class will shift to virtual delivery until the quarantine return date.
  3. If just the teacher is exposed and has no symptoms, the teacher will continue to teach the class as an essential worker. The teacher will take additional precautions. Students will continue in school in person. If a teacher is exposed and is symptomatic, the teacher will be quarantined, and a long-term substitute will be arranged for children to continue learning in person. If no substitute is available and the teacher is well enough to continue teaching, students will shift to virtual learning until the teacher no longer needs to be quarantined. The parents of the class will be sent a notification that the class will shift to virtual delivery during the time the teacher is quarantined. This does not mean that the students in the class were exposed.


How will I know if my child has been exposed to COVID?

If a student in your child’s class or your child’s teacher tests positive or is exposed to someone who tested positive, your school principal will notify you by email. The letter will explain that your child was exposed as well as provide you with information about quarantining your child and the date your child can return to school. A letter will also be emailed to all the families in the school to let parents know that there was a case of COVID and what symptoms to watch for in the next few days. You can help keep everyone safe by keeping your child isolated at home when he/she has symptoms of COVID, was exposed to someone with COVID, or is awaiting test results. Children must be symptom-free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school after experiencing COVID-like symptoms. Your school will always notify you of any known exposures to COVID.

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