Back to School Information

School will begin on August 5th for all students through Distance Learning or Online Learning

The Governing Board approved three options for learning for the school year 2020-2021. Until it is safe to return to in-person learning, all students including those who have chosen In-Person learning as the preferred option will begin the school year through Distance Learning or Liberty Online School. 

All parents are asked to select their preferred option by clicking here.  Please complete a form for each child. If you have previously selected an option and wish to change the learning option, you may complete a new form. Selections made by July 10th will be guaranteed. Staffing assignments are currently underway. Selections made after July 10th, will be honored to the extent space is available.

Option 1 - In Person Learning, at school five days per week
Option 2 - Distance Learning Overview & Frequently Asked Questions
Option 3 - Liberty Online School Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

The Back to School Plan: Prepared for the Safe Return to School / 
Plan de Regreso a la Escuela: Preparado para el Regreso Seguro a la Escuela provides parents with information about safety precautions and the three options. Dr. Lori Shough, superintendent, hosted a Parent Forum on July 23rd, at 6:00 PM for the community to learn more about how the district is preparing for the safe return to In-Person school. Click HERE to view the Forum. To access the presentation click HERE