Option 3 Online Liberty School Overview & FAQ's

Liberty Online School: 

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Online School Overview:

Students will be able to access their learning on any day at any time, at their own pace by actively listening to video-recorded lessons that they can stop and start to complete interactive lessons. The learning platform, Edgenuity, provides a curriculum and digital instructional resources designed specifically for online learning. Student annual license fees are paid by the school district. A Liberty teacher will monitor and support each child’s progress. The Liberty Online School is designed for full-year enrollment and requires a learning coach at home, particularly for younger learners.


Kindergarten–Grade 8 

  • Access 5 days per week, 24 hours
  • Requires a learning “coach” at home
  • Enrollment in Online School for the entire school year
  • Self-paced, personalized-learning using Edgenuity
  • Liberty district teacher supporting assigned grade-level bands of 50-100 students
  • English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, and Spanish courses
  • Social-emotional support
  • Accommodations and support services provided 
  •  District devices available; reliable internet connection required 

Parent’s role: Primary Learning Facilitator (aka Learning Coach)

  • Guide children through each lesson, monitoring and facilitating the learning experience (Edgenuity provides an online training required to support learning coaches before courses begin.)
    •  assist with logging into courses and modules
    • discuss what is being taught
    • facilitate hands on learning communicate with the teacher
    • provide basic technology support to child
    • communicate with online support system as needed  
    • track child’s pacing through the learning modules
  • Provide a learning space and environment for students to work
  • Preview resources necessary to facilitate learning
    • Each lesson has a learning coach tab with information to help the learning coach guide the student through the lesson, including learning objectives, prerequisite skills and any needed materials.

Teacher’s role: Provide remote support for learning online

  • Assign students core courses within the Edgenuity online system
  • Manage caseload of 50-100 students in an assigned grade-level band
  • Provide weekly office hours and conduct monthly contacts via phone/email
  • Monitor student progress, make adjustments to student learning assignments, and provide students with feedback
  • Provide grades based on mastery of learning standards and completion of online courses

How will students access online learning?

Edgenuity is the online learning platform for our online school. Courses, provided in all core content areas (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Specials) are organized into a series of learning modules. Within each learning module, videos are used to support the understanding of new concepts throughout the course of learning.  Embedded interactives and worksheets are used to practice concepts and skills covered in the learning modules for each core subject. When video-conferencing is necessary for a teacher to support the online student, Google Meet will be used.  

What materials will my child need at home to support online learning?

Students will need access to a mobile device, preferably a laptop, for each child learning at home. Some families find it helpful to provide headphones for their children to use with their devices. District devices will be available for checkout.  Please contact your school site if you have not yet reported that you will need support with a device or low-cost internet connection resources. All additional instructional materials necessary for online learning lessons will be listed in the “Learning Coach” tab.  All materials will be accessible online and in PDF format if printing is required.  


How often (times per day/week) would students be receiving direct instruction?

There is no direct teacher instruction within the online learning opportunity. Edgenuity is a completely self-paced program facilitated with support from the at-home “learning coach” and occasional 1:1 support from an Online Learning teacher.


What is the expectation for the amount of time the student should be doing work each day?

There are no required scheduled times for daily instruction. Families may schedule the learning increments that work best for their daily schedule needs, accommodating the pace at which their children learn and move through the courses. For more information about suggested pacing and estimated times for lesson, module, and course completion please refer to the Edgenuity curriculum overview links below.

Edgenuity Grades K-3 Curriculum Overview

Edgenuity Grades 4-5 Curriculum Overview

Edgenuity Grades 6-8 Course Description Catalog


How will Edgenuity allow children to accelerate? Will some children finish the school year early? Are they given more work to advance their learning?

Acceleration opportunities are built into the self-paced design of Edgenuity. In addition, courses may be modified by the teacher to personalize learning. Teachers may remove, reorder or customize lessons. Following the general pacing suggested by Edgenuity’s curriculum overviews, students will complete their grade-level courses in an equivalent amount of time to a standard school year.


What considerations/accommodations will students with IEPs have?

The online school platform allows for accommodations through self-paced instruction, repeated review of content instruction, the availability of talk-to-text, auditory, visual presentation, frequent breaks, and chunking of information.  Special education students participating in online learning will be assigned a special education Service Coordinator to monitor a student’s progress in online curriculum and completion of assignments/assessment.  The special education service coordinator, upon student/parent request, will schedule and facilitate small group and/or one-to-one virtual sessions to reinforce and reteach content via Google Meet.  Related services (speech, OT, PT) will be provided through scheduled virtual sessions. Upon approval by the Arizona Department of Health, in-person scheduled sessions may be provided at an assigned school site.  Parents will be provided quarterly IEP goal progress reports to update them on their student’s progression on IEP goals.


How will my child’s work be graded?

Interactive lessons will provide immediate computer-generated feedback. Teachers will monitor student progress and assessments throughout the lessons and modules and assign final grades. District grading policies will be the same as a typical school year. Kindergarten through 2nd grade will utilize a standards-based report card and grading system. 3rd-8th grade report cards will be based on mastery of the content of the course with final grades being reported in a letter grade format.

When athletics resume, will Liberty Online students be able to participate?

Yes, students enrolled in Liberty Online School are eligible to participate in athletics at the school or residence. Information on tryouts and season schedules will be published on the school websites when it is safe to resume school athletics.