Google Classroom

Learning from Home
Please visit this page for resources you can use for students. 


Google Classroom Parent Guide

2020 Guía para Padres de Google Classroom
This guide will help you help your student log into Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom Student Guide

Guía para Estudiantes de Google Classroom
This guide will show students the steps they will complete to log into Google Classroom.  It also includes Google Classroom Codes. 

Google Classroom Parent Guide Turning in Assignments
This guide will show parents and students the steps to turn in their assignments in Google Classroom. 

Liberty Counselor Google Classroom

Google Classroom de Consejero de Liberty
The Liberty District Counselor Crew has created a Google Classroom to provide hope and support during this time.

Parent-Student Instructional Resources

Recursos de instrucción para Padres y alumnos

 Please click this resource to find online links for your student. 
Parent/Family Videos

Video #1: First Log In
Video #2: Basic Navigation of Google Classroom
Video #3: Introduction to Google Meet
These videos are basic tutorials to support families in navigating Google Classroom and Meet.