Financial Transparency

The Liberty Elementary School District is committed to student success and continues to serve as a responsible steward of taxpayer funds.  Liberty Elementary School District spends less on administration and directs more dollars into the classroom than other districts of comparable size. The District's Financial Office has been recognized by both the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) and the Government Finance Officers Association  (GFOA) for Excellence in Financial Reporting.  

Here are several links to our financial reports, so you may see how your tax dollars are being spent towards education:

Liberty Elementary School District Spending
Liberty Elementary School District Spending FY20

Liberty Elementary School District Spending FY19
Average Teacher Salary

Annual Expenditure Budget
FY2021 Expenditure Budget - Rev1
FY2021 Expenditure Budget - Rev1 - Meeting Notification
FY2021 Expenditure Budget - Adopted
FY2020 Expenditure Budget - Rev1
FY2020 Expenditure Budget - Adopted
FY2019 Expenditure Budget - Rev 1

Annual Financial Report

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Certified Annual Financial Report information for the District may also by found at the following website:

Financial Recognition
ASBO International Certificate of Excellence FY17