Learning Options for School

Learning Options for School
At the June 26, 2020, Governing Board meeting, the Governing Board approved three options from which parents may choose for their children to learn. On July 7, 2020, the Governing Board voted to maintain the August 5th start date. Due to Governor Ducey's Executive Order, all Liberty District students will begin school with either Distance Learning or On-Line. Students who have opted for In-Person Learning will be able to shift to In-Person on August 17th or when the State allows.

Option 1 - In-Person Learning: Students are welcomed back, in-person, to all Liberty schools. Every campus will be following preventative protocols and making modifications to the learning environment, to prioritize student and staff safety. School leaders are developing creative solutions to offer events and activities through virtual experiences. Students began school on August 5th through Distance Learning and will continue with Distance learning until the Arizona Health Services Health Benchmarks are met and schools can meet the required health and safety protocols for social distancing, cohorting, etc.

Option 2 - Distance Learning: Students with the need for flexibility can start the year learning at home and then transition back to in-person learning at scheduled intervals throughout the year as space in classes allows. Families may also choose for students to enter distance learning at a later date as space in classes allows. Teachers will deliver instruction at scheduled times daily, for students to interact with the teacher and other students. Students will also flexibly complete assignments in Google Classroom independently. Grading will be similar to In-Person Learning. Students will use District curriculum resources. All special education students will continue to receive services based on their IEP. Technology devices are available for check-out. Independent assignments will be posted in Google Classroom one week in advance.
Liberty ESD's District Learning Plan

Option 3 - Liberty Online School: Students will be able to access their learning at any time or day, at their own pace by actively listening to video-recorded lessons that they can stop and start to complete interactive lessons. The learning platform, Edgenuity, provides a curriculum and digital instructional resources designed specifically for online learning. A Liberty teacher will monitor and support each child’s progress. Grades will be assigned. An at-home adult learning coach will be needed to support each child's learning, particularly for younger students. The Liberty Online School is designed for full-year enrollment.

Click below to view videos of Edgenuity:
The Edgenuity Student Experience
Edgenuity's Instructional Services for K-5

Learn more about the options and review The Back to School Plan: Prepared for the Safe Return to School / Plan de Regreso a la Escuela: Preparado para el Regreso Seguro a la Escuela .