Learning Options for School

Learning Options for School

Option 1 - In-Person Learning: Students are welcomed back, in-person, to all Liberty schools depending on which health benchmark threshold has been met for two consecutive weeks. Students in this option may attend school in-person when the overall health benchmark for the district is at the Minimal or Moderate levels. Every campus will be following preventative protocols and making modifications to the learning environment, to prioritize student and staff safety. For detailed information about the safety protocols that will be in place for in-person learning, please visit our Safety Measures page. 
Option 2 - Distance Learning: Distance Learning students attend school virtually regardless of the health benchmarks for part of the year or the entire year. Students with the need for flexibility can start the year learning at home and then transition back to in-person learning at the end of a trimester. Families may also choose for students to enter distance learning at a later date. Teachers will deliver instruction at scheduled times daily, for students to interact with the teacher and other students. Students will also flexibly complete assignments in Google Classroom independently. Changes to or from Distance Learning are based on capacity in the classroom. 

Liberty ESD's Distance Learning Plan

Learn more about the options and review The Back to School Plan: Prepared for the Safe Return to School Plan de Regreso a la Escuela: Preparado para el Regreso Seguro a la Escuela .

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